Toybox is now available in!
We're excited to announce we now have an add-on available in the awesome developer browser! 🎉
Learn more about it here:
Thanks to Kilian Valkhof for his hard work putting this together! 👏
A New Team Comes to Toybox! 🤠
To all old and new Toybox users alike,
Back in February of this year, our team at
XOXO Capital
bought Toybox because we see the potential for it as a terrific tool for the web design process.
The journey begins...
For digital studios
, you need to know what the customer wants then how to translate that to your developers and designers.
For developers
, you need to know not simply what element needs a change but at what screen size and the context of the web or app the issue is happening in.
For designers
, you also need to know what exactly needs a change communicated clearly and within the context of the overall design.
For stakeholders
, you need a simple, direct method to clearly communicate what needs to change and why.
What we're going to deliver...
It didn't take analyzing several hundred data points to see what works and what doesn't. Many of you have told us what you want and we're working to put those suggestions in place.
But beyond all of the great suggestions, we also thought of how we can leverage the browser to maximum effect. Wouldn't it be great if Toybox could
  • have the extension work across multiple browsers
  • separate pins for hidden elements and visible ones on a page
  • work with single-page applications and website builders better
  • communicate the changes you need for different size screens separately
  • allow you to record the actions that cause the problem you are trying to solve
  • sync with more integrations, Github and Gitlab especially, and have them be 2 way synchronous
  • show the difference in CSS between selected elements to quickly identify discrepancies
  • be way faster, and simpler for guests to onboard and get started
  • more control over billing and organization settings
and how do unlimited guests for every plan sound?
There are many more of course, but we need to start somewhere.
And So, The Roadmap...
We're making our whole roadmap public so you can see our progress.
You can see and contribute to our roadmap at
Let us know what you would like to see! We'd ❤️ to hear from you.
Project Urls support Regex
You can now add a regex as the "url" for your project
When adding urls to projects just make sure to follow the regex syntax by starting and ending the pattern with a
Let us know if you have any questions!
p.s. Here's a regex cheatsheet (because I know I always need one 😊)
Speed Improvements - Projects
We've heard (and experienced it ourselves!) that when you have lots of projects in Toybox, waiting for them to load can take some time.
Because of this, today we've pushed some performance improvements that should speed those load times up significantly ⚡
Roller - Design Linter - Plugin for Figma
Roller is the first-ever design linter
We’re super excited to announce that Roller 2.0 is live for Figma. This is the first-ever design linter — giving you the power to find and fix style inconsistencies in your design files.
Learn more about the announcement here.
CSV Export 📤
CSV Export has arrived!
We're super excited to launch a CSV export for your Toybox Tasks. Simply go to a project and click the Export button above your Task table. This will automatically download a CSV of all your Tasks within that project.
We hope y'all enjoy!
The Toybox Team
Hide | Show Badges & Inspector Pause
Hide & Show Comment Badges
If you're anything like us - there are times when a single page might have 50+ comments on it. When this happens, your site can look as if it's caught a bad case of blueberry Chickenpox.
To better help you leave feedback and still see your site - we've introduced a Hide & Show button! Click the Eye in the footer to hide all your comment badges and click again to show them :)
Play & Pause the Inspector
After gathering some great feedback from y'all - we realized if you're in the "Inspect" mode but want to click on a button or go to another page, you'll need to close out of Toybox or switch to Comment mode to do so.
To fix this, we've introduced a Play and Pause button! If you press the Pause button, the Inspecting will stop and you'll be able to click on elements, etc. Simply press play to resume inspecting :)
Bug Fixes & improvements
In this release, we've also pushed a few smaller bug fixes and UX improvements to make your Toybox experience even better.
Teamwork 2-way sync
By popular demand, there is now 2-way sync between your Teamwork and Toybox tasks!
This means whenever you resolve or reply to a task, that update will be reflected in both Teamwork and Toybox.
As an example, if I resolve a task in Toybox - this will automatically resolve the task in Teamwork.
To get started:
  • Sign into your Teamwork workspace
  • Go to your Global Settings
  • Click the Webhooks tab
  • Toggle Webhooks on
  • Go back to Toybox and sign out and then sign back in
After that, you should be good to go!
Task Table & Dashboard Overhaul
Task Table
We've taken your feedback and have completely revamped how you view, sort, and triage tasks within Toybox! Here are a few of the updates, which you can learn more about below:
  • Multi-select Tasks to assign, resolve, and delete in bulk
  • Choose which columns are shown or hidden in your table
  • Expand and collapse the sidebar
  • View the Task ID number in your table
  • An overall redesign of the Dashboard
Bulk actions
With 100s of Tasks in a single project - things can get out-of-hand pretty fast. That's why we're introducing bulk actions for your tasks. Simply hover over your tasks, click the checkbox, and either Assign, Resolve, or Delete everything you've selected.
We think this is going to really help speed up your workflow.
Show or hide columns
There are often many different team members and individuals using Toybox at any given time - each with their own priorities and information they're trying to view. Because of this, we've made it so you can choose which columns you'd like to view or hide in your Task Table.
Simply click the "Columns" button and toggle the categories on or off. Now you can see only the information that's important to you when resolving tasks :)
Collapsible sidebar
The sidebar has a lot of great information but when you're trying to quickly burn-down tons of tasks - it can take up a lot of space and add unnecessary visual noise to the page.
Now, you can simply hide the sidebar by pressing the arrows in the right corner. This gives you tons of space to focus on what's important.
Task ID
This is a smaller one but we've added the Task ID number inside of the Task table. This has been a popular request so we're excited to push this feature live.
As you'll notice, we've done a lot of UX and visual design improvements that we think you're going to love. We've tried hard to remove unnecessary information and only show you what you need to get your job done fast.